HOA Documents and Forms

Original (24JAN1994)Amended (as noted)
Articles of Incorporation Articles of Incorporation
Amended but undated and unsigned
Declaration of Covenants Declaration of Covenants Amended
Amended, Dated(14FEB1995), and Signed
By-Laws By-Laws
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HOA Supplemental Documents and Forms


OWNER/RENTER EMAIL REGISTRATION FORM - The HOA uses email to send HOA fee assessment invoices and important community notices. Owners are required to provide at least one valid email address and may have up to two email addresses on file. Click the link to get the registration form. Dont forget to let the HOA know if you change email addresses.

EXTERIOR ALTERATION APPLICATION - This form is grouped with supplemental information and guides on the Architectural Committee page.

HOA Meeting Documentation

2022 Projected HOA Budget
2021 Annual Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and Slides
2020-2021 Accomplishments and Plans
2020 Annual Meeting Agenda
2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Arborist Report (January 15, 2016)

The following links are the PDF files for the tree plats from the arborist who assessed diseased or weak trees on/around HOA property. These are provided to our community for your information in case some of the identified trees are on or near your property. Interpretation of the plats is not intuitive because property lines, distances, and tree locations are approximate. These are "rough" assessments from January 15, 2016.
Look for the very small "circled-X" symbol to identify the potential "hazard" trees:
Hazard Tree Symbol
Please note that some of the trees have been removed.

Sheet 1/10
Sheet 2/10
Sheet 3/10
Sheet 4/10
Sheet 5/10
Sheet 6/10
Sheet 7/10
Sheet 8/10
Sheet 9/10
Sheet 10/10